New York – the city that never sleeps!


Believe it or not after 6 years of living in Canada, I finally had the chance to spend a few days in the Big Apple. And what a treat that was.

First time we had the chance to go to a movie premier all covered by 92.5FM which was great. We didn’t have to worry about anything but getting from the airport to hotel and back. Everything else was being taken care of.

We flew into Newark with porter and we decided to buy a transfer to the hotel which cost us 20 per person and took longer than if we would have if you take the train and subway. The hotel they booked us in is called Columbus 6 and it is in a great location. The Time Warner Center is right across the street and Broadway and Time Square is 15 min walk.


First night we spend it walking around on Broadway and time square. Even though was February and still chilly, didn’t stop anyone from being out at 1AM. It is indeed the city who never sleeps and it gives lots of options, for anyone’s desire. You can shop until 2AM, see a play, hang out and enjoy a late dinner with your friends or just roam the city.

We enjoyed the movie premier and if you are in the mood for some romance I definitely recommend Winter’s tale. It is a great story which combines love, having a purpose and not to mention Colin Farrell is the lead actor. Enough said!

















Some of my favorite highlights were the high line which starts at the 20th Street and you can take a stroll without being bothered by the busy traffic. This way you get to see the city from above the ground and end up all the way at the 16th Street, enjoying a great view of the Houston River. I also enjoyed the Union Square which is quite close to Empire State Building and the central station. The weather was pretty nice so we managed to walk quite a big part of the city and the only time we took the subway was to make it down to the Brooklyn bridge and back to time square from the bottom of Manhattan.



If you do find yourself in time square at midnight, one restaurant I recommend is Bubba Gump Shrimp. Yes it is named after the same character in Forest Gump movie, and not only that, but the whole restaurant is themed around the movie, not to mention how good the food is and quite affordable.

















Second time around my friend and I had the chance to go on a Norwegian cruise that was leaving from NYC so we sneaked in another 2 days of Manhattan’s glamour, Brooklyn bridge , Central station and some extra shopping.

After we walked down the Brooklyn bridge for a bit and took some pictures we end up at the September 11 memorial which is only 15 min away. You do not pay any fees to enter the memorial but donations are welcomed and perhaps implied. One thing that stood out besides the memorial itself was the security check which was pretty intense.

After the memorial visit we made it all the way down to the harbor and I would have loved a boat ride to the statue of liberty but the waters were a bit rough and we were flying back that afternoon so that has been left for another visit.

All I’m all I find that NYC it’s a glamorous city in desperate need of a face lift. There are a lot of constructions and repairs all around the city so I f you want to experience New York like in Sex and The City or Suits or White Collar place yourself in the center of one of the major tourist attractions and be ready to drop some dolla’ dolla’ bills. Otherwise just play New York New York while waking up to the tune of the city that never sleeps and then take the city by storm either by walking, public transit or, if you are daring enough, you can rent a car and drive around.

All in all, a great experience and will be looking forward to the next trip. There is so much more to see that I am sure New York will definitely not disappoint. I will leave you with Jay Z and Alicia Keys to get you ready for New York.


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