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Welcome to the ” Sweet Sixteen” party this year at the Toronto Hilton. Once again Sullen inked up Tour is here with special guests like Twiggy Talent, from #VegasRatRods to prop comedy dare devil Ryan Stock and many #Burlesque girls, thanks to Missy Ink appearing ar this nightly after parties.

Once again, this weekend, Toronto is the host of Northern Ink Xposure Tattoo Show. For those looking for some inspiration, maybe even get your tattoo done by some great artists, or perhaps stock up on supplies or prints, this is the place to be.

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To get access to the show you can choose to buy a day pass, a weekend pass or a VIP pass, which will give you access to entire tattoo convention all weekend and access to nightly after parties. The day pass is only $20 online or $25 at the door.  You do get to save $20 on the VIP pass if you book online so make sure you check Northern Ink Xposure before you head down.

This is my first show and I was quite impressed with everything I got to see.  Artists from all over the world: Japan, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Europe and more. The art on paper or skin was amazing and watching the artists work was quite enticing.

entire tattoo convention all weekend and access to NIGHTLY after parties – See more at:
entire tattoo convention all weekend and access to NIGHTLY after parties – See more at:
entire tattoo convention all weekend and access to NIGHTLY after parties – See more at:


Something I found very interesting was the style that Bamboo Tattoo Studio uses. They use a bamboo stick and precise hand – eye coordination to create your tattoo. I was surprise to hear that Bamboo Tattooing has an unbelievable healing process, as there is no bleeding or scabbing and the healing process is practically immediate. They are located in Etobicoke South so click on their name above to see more.


Someone else who stood out to me was Tony Mancia from Atlanta. His work is very impressive and beautiful as you can see from his prints above. His studio, Manciata Tattoos is located in Atlanta but you need to plan in advance to get to him. He is a very talented guy and seems like he is booked for the rest of the year so maybe being up to date with the shows he is part of, you may get to have him design a killer tattoo for you.

I was always thinking about getting a tattoo but was not sure what I want, how much I would have to pay, how good the artist would be and so on. Its not like I could erase it or decide to remove it tomorrow so I was always hesitant. Well, suffice to say, I didn’t have any problem meeting lots of great tattoo artists here and  I have found lots of inspiration to pick from.  Deciding on only one thing was the hardest thing I had to do.


Mikey Vigilante was kind enough to help me out and design something special, just for me. He is a talented artist from Long Beach so he managed to exceed my expectations so with a little hand holding (figuratively speaking, as his hand were buys inflicting unimaginable pain in my foot) I decided to get my first tattoo. I always had an affinity for the infinity symbol so Mikey did exactly what I envisioned and more.  It is simple, perhaps very similar to a lot of other infinity tattoos but I love it. Yes it hurt as much as you would expect, or even more, but I am happy with the design. Mikey made me feel comfortable and talked me through the whole process, before, during and after. You can check his work at Paper Crane Studio and if you are or end up in California do stop by. He has an amazing team he is working with and his Japaneses inspiration is breathtaking.


It was a fun night and I have met a lot of great people so if you haven’t been downtown Toronto yet, don’t wait any longer. Tomorrow is the last day so head over to Hilton and have a great time, check out the amazing art and maybe get a tattoo. There are plenty to choose from.

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