Adventures in Londonland: Day one – Selsdon Park Hotel

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!!

In a cold freezing day like today I can’t stop thinking of the brief and wonderful experience I had in London, England last month.

I had to take a few days off (instructed  by management I need to take vacation) so I decided to head to London for a few days and meet a fellow blogger (food blogger turned into personal guide for moi for the 5 days). I left Toronto on a Friday night and after a flight that seemed just a couple of hour, I landed at Gatwick London. The weather wasn’t great, gloomy, grey, rainy, exactly what I was afraid of. I have never been a big fan of London (or England in general as a matter a fact) due to the weather rumors so I was quite anxious about spending 5 days in there. The plane landed at 8AM and the check in time for the hotel seems very far away specially due to my lack of sleep (I can’t rest in an airplane and Canada is 7 hours away by place plus the fact that I worked prior to my departure, it felt like I was awake for 24 hours, which most likely was true). First couple of hours were spent around Redhill area having breakfast and taking pictures of the cute little taxis and buses (I know, I know, I am a tourist but I couldn’t help it, they were cute). The weather decided not to be on our side and the rain made herself known so we decided to head to the hotel hopeful we could check in before afternoon.


To our luck Selsdon Park hotel wasn’t that busy and allowed us to check in earlier than expected. It was already noon by the time we checked in and all I wanted was a shower and some sleep(very much needed by now). Due to the weather and the fact that I slept until 6PM we didn’t to see much of the hotel except the tinny little elevator, the lobby and room.


The hotel is located in a neo-Jacobean building with a history dating as far back as 861 AD. It’s not your usual type of hotel but it has a good feel. It may not be something that all of you would enjoy but the stone windows, the white tiny room, the wood stairs, even the tinny elevator gave it charm, personality and made it cozy. Those few hours of sleep felt like heaven and the coziness of the room contrasted by the cold rain outside made everything even more enjoyable. As hunger start setting in we decided to check out the surroundings and hunt something down to feast on (not literally obviously). We decided to make a stop at Sir Julian Huxley‘s pub and as I don;t know much about pubs in general I let my fellow blogger explain:

In the evening we bypassed the bar which appeared to be an out-take from an episode of George and Mildred, and headed to Sir Julian Huxley’s, a right regal JD Wetherspoons pub. Dear overseas readers: JD Wetherspoons are a chain of pubs focussing more on economy than quality of decor. In all fairness, their business model is roaringly successful and the simple fact that they sell good quality ales at reasonable prices means they have a regular flow of trade. The Huxley is a great example of why and how Wetherspoons pubs work and I feel it is worth highlighting the group to budget conscious visitors, as they provide real British ales and pub meals in a pretty consistent fashion at low cost. Don’t expect culinary flair or architectural or decorative magnificence; do however use them as a stable chain to rely on if you need somewhere to rest and refuel without breaking the bank.

After a couple of entertaining hours at the pub we decided to head back to the hotel as we were having a pretty busy schedule for the remaining days.  Surprising enough the weather decided to cooperate and the next morning was bright and sun made his appearance (remember this is happening in November so the weather was still chilly but bright and sunny, just perfect for being outdoors). As we were heading to London for the second night we took a few minutes to check out the premises we were vacating.

Selsdon Park Hotel and Golf Club is one of Southern England’s most unique and picturesque country resorts. Surrounded by 205 acres of magnificent Surrey Countryside, this stunning property is sure to impress.

Located close to East Croydon train station, it takes just 15min to Central London & Gatwick Airport. A complimentary shuttle service runs to and from the station Monday – Friday making transportation hassle free. Selsdon Park Hotel is just 15 minutes from the M25 and is ideally located close to Chessington Word of Adventures, Hever Castle, Chartwell, Epsom Races, Thorpe Park and Heathrow & Gatwick Airport.









Selsdon Park Hotel – More pictures

All in all it was a nice experience and I will  be spending my last of the 5 nights here. Stay tune for day two.


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