Chocolat mon amour!

A bit overdue but I had to make a quick post about this as I didn’t want my $20 to go to waste.

At the beginning of the month Toronto was a little sweeter and hosted the third edition of the Toronto International LUXURY CHOCOLATE SHOW. The show celebrated  everything chocolate under one roof – ROY THOMSON HALL Rotunda.

There were a lot of suppliers ready to offer their samples to you and having to pay an entrance fee for the event, I was expecting to have quite a sugar high but au contraire. There were quite a lot of free samples I admit, but in order to indulge in something more consistent or some chocolate cakes, chocolate tacos  or even to have a chocolate/wine tasting you had to purchase tickets and exchange them for a sample. Not to mention each sample required 2 or 3 tickets.  One thing that caught my attention were the chocolate shoes, which were crafted pretty neat I must admit and had me starring at them for quite a few minutes. As there was enough chocolate to go around I have decided to stick to the free sample and make my way around the Rotunda which surprisingly didn’t take more than 30 min .

As it was past 3PM on a Sunday, people start showing up and the room became crowed with lots of chocolate lovers excited to indulge a little bit more than usual. The positive side was that the $20 fee could have gotten you a free chocolate making class, you could have taken part of the makers demonstrations stage and even take part in chocolate eating contests. One thing that impressed me quite a lot was the chocolate painting. The artist was very talented in my opinion and had some incredible skills.

All in all the event was alright, not what I expected but a nice setup for a sweet Sunday afternoon.

The third edition of the Toronto International LUXURY CHOCOLATE SHOW returns as the only show of its kind in Canada to exclusively feature and celebrate everything chocolate under one climate-controlled roof in a luxuriously appointed venue. A diverse array of fine chocolates and chocolate-inspired products will be featured. Various vendors will be displaying, sampling and selling their fine chocolate products – many at show prices – just in time Christmas.

Highlight featured in the show include: The Chocolate Makers Demonstration Stage, The FREE Chocolate Making Classes, Chocolate Eating Contests and Games, Free Hourly Draws, Sculptures, Painting with Chocolate, Wine and Chocolate Pairing, Taste of Chocolate History, Chocolate Book Store, The 911 Chocolate Relay and more !

This year The Luxury Chocolate Show was the wrap-up event of the 23-day long 2013 Toronto Chocolate Festival. Other festival highlights include The Chocolate Ball: Cocoa Grande, Chocolate High Tea, The ChocElite Chocolate Dinner and Show, and much more including the Chocolicious Passport Coupons.

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