Once upon a time…

There was a girl who believed in fairy tales. She believed her fairy tale came true and she had found her prince charming . She has crossed many lands and seas and arrived in a new land. A wonderland, a dream come true!  This would be her new home and this is where her heirs will be born and grow and together will all live happily ever after…. Boy was she wrong. The fairly tale was changing into a nightmare and in the new land the girl didn’t have the warm embrace of her mother, the wise words of her father or the trust of her sister. The prince charming lost his charm and the fairy tale felt apart.  The end???

No, that wasn’t the end. The fairy tale of a girl ended, the land was harsh to her and days have passed where tears would be her only comfort at night. But even in the darkest days  when it seemed like she was ready to give up, she didn’t lose hope. She decided to fight and the land rewarded her with new friends, with kind hearted people and new opportunities.  The fairy tale ended but a new beginning started. The beginning of a woman who discovered herself once again and who was ready to have a fresh start. It was the beginning of a woman who will not give up on finding love, who will keep on dreaming; a beginning where a woman was born, who was growing stronger and who decided to make her own fairy tale. The beginning of Alexx in Wonderland…

I am 28 years old ( present 2013), I was born and grew up in Romania and I got married and moved to Canada when I was 22. I knew my husband since we were in kindergarten and even though him and his family moved away, as a teenager he came back and looked for me (very romantic I know!). When he asked me to marry him I thought my fairy tale had come true but things didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped. Even though things haven’t been easy and I have contemplated numerous times leaving the country, even after being away for over 3 years, I didn’t. Its been 3 years since my divorce and I am proud to say that I am happy. I am happy with who I am and where I am as a human being. I don’t have it all figured it out, I don’t have all the answers, I have my low days or  days when I still feel a little lost or feel the fears and worries creeping up BUT I choose to forgive myself for that and choose to keep on going. Never give up! We are all wonderful and the life we live will be as wonderful if we choose to.

We all have a story, we all had and have our struggles and we all have our doubts and fears. I don’t know everything and I am still working on improving  every day, but one thing I know for sure: never ever give up! It may sound a little cheesy but you can have anything you want, you can be anything and anyone you want and you can live a fairy tale! We create the reality we are in. Everything in our life is the result of our actions. How true that was for me. No one was to be blame for anything as my actions and decisions got me where I was. Sometimes all things seem lost but they are not. I have learned and grown so much in the last 3 years that it even surprises me sometimes. I met amazing people and I am grateful to all of them. Even to those who hurt me. Everyone had a purpose and taught me a great deal.

I am here because I want to show everyone that anything we put in our mind we can accomplish. I am here because I want everyone to be happy and strong and believe in themselves. I am here because I want to take you on a journey with me and show you that we live in a wonderful world. I am here because I want to make this world more wonderful. I will be your cheerleader, I will be your motivation, I will be your support, I will be your friend, I will be your big sister, I will be your tour guide, heck you can even “be hatin on me” as long as you are happy.  I will take you in my adventures with me, I will share my thoughts with you and I will show you how I stay strong and motivated. I will show you my progress and you will be part of my success. I AM HERE IF YOU NEED ME. Now feel free to click on the other menus up top or below to see where this journey can take us.

Live, Laugh, Love

Yours truly,

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  1. Chris Ong

    Hi Alexandra, beautifully written and very interesting. Love your style and creativeness. You make a great virtual ambassador in this digital world through your expressive thoughts. I came across this blog through your Yelp posting while I was doing some research on the app. Amazing work and thanks for the lovely post.
    Cheers Chris

  2. Your means of describing everything inn this paragraph is in fact
    nice, all bbe able to effortlessly understand it, Thanks a lot.

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